Thank you

There’s a certain vulnerability built into giving thanks. We are humbled when we take stock of how truly blessed we are–whether in material wealth or professional success or abundance of loving family and friends–because most of us are never entirely convinced we deserve it all. (Or even any of it.)

The simple act of saying thank you reveals much about the one saying it: can you take a compliment without demurring? Saying thank you and nothing more, saying thank you and meaning it, is a tacit acknowledgement of the rightness of the thing given, an endorsement of the giver’s intentions. It is acknowledging that you, yourself are worthy of the thing given.

That’s powerful stuff, make no mistake.

Tell me which compliments you can’t accept with grace, and I’ll tell you where your fear and your shame get their strength.

The flip side? Learn to say thank you without a but attached to it. It may be empty ritual at first, but, as a wise soul once said, the words you speak become the house you live in. In the end, it might be the easiest–and the most important–thing you ever built for yourself.

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