This blog has been many things–structured and un, orderly and scattershot, well-maintained and left fallow. As I write this, near the end of July, it is the latter, but only for a little while. After an aborted thru-hike attempt, we are working on a house in the woods, without internet access, and planning our next move. Things should pick up when that–whatever it may be–happens.

I am a wordsmith, future farmer, amateur gourmand, hiker, dog owner, dirt worshipper, bike commuter, and wannabe polymath. A Paramedic by training, I gave up the sirens and terrible hours to seek out employment that does more to sustain my soul. A paycheck just for the sake of a paycheck is no longer enough for me.

For a look at this blog’s earlier days, start here.
For an intro to its last redirection, start here and here.

If you wanna say howdy: email me at jessie [dot] shires [at] gmail [dot] com, find me on facebook, or follow me on twitter. Obviously, I won’t be on the interwebs much–what with living in the woods and all–but I’ll get back to you as I can. Thanks for stopping in.

6 responses to “About

  1. ooh! I was first…..

  2. Hey I like what you have to say…

    Still have to go to New Mexico one of these days…

  3. Still have to go to New Mexico one of these days…

  4. I updated my ‘About’ page just now, after getting inspired by how you have described yourself :D
    And I have given credit to you on my ‘About’ page, thanks!

  5. good stuff shires!
    holla if you want to kick some sustainable building thoughts/ideas around.
    for your consideration – the most sustainable building is the one that’s already built. ;)
    i don’t know about poetry but … bacon not only makes everything better, it makes the world go round

    • Riley! Welcome, my friend. I will most certainly want to kick some ideas around. If you’re ever out this way, I find that idea-kicking works best over pints…

      Consider it considered. Actually, it’s another one of those behind-the-scenes musings that is ongoing over here at Casa DIY. I think a lot of folks have our same over-the-top, start-from-scratch, back to the land fantasy, and writing about the entire journey–tailoring the fantasy to reality, scaling back as needed, ramping up as needed–might be of interest to more than just me. The good thing about us is that, despite our ornery and idealistic veneers, we are very open to where the new knowledge takes us. “Expert” friends make it even easier!

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